Satisfied Customer Testimonials

December 18, 2016

Hi Dan,

We chose Dan as our real estate agent because of a recommendation form one of his previous clients—the first good sign! In this very competitive housing market of Seattle, Dan brought us many properties and helped us through the offer-making process, patiently and thoroughly. He explained every step in full, so we were never confused. We especially appreciated how seriously he took every visit to potential houses. He has a deep knowledge about houses, in terms of materials, layouts, and construction quality, which made him an informative and trustworthy guide through this intense process of decision making. And in the end, we got a great house—one that had a higher offer on it—because of Dan’s ability to advocate for his clients and close a deal. Thanks Dan!

Genevieve Wanucha, Science Writer and Communicator
The University of Washington's Memory and Brain Wellness Center

October 5, 2015

Hello Dan,

After a good team effort and significant work to get the Maple Leaf house ready for market, you did a great job of selling it efficiently. It was a pleasure to work with you and once we got acquainted, I knew we were fortunate to have you on our side. Thanks for going the extra mile in a challenging situation, with my father moving to a structured environment after being independent in the house for so long. He loved being a Seattlelite.

My Dad asked me to convey his thanks and greetings. He is getting along fine.

I would highly recommend you to a home buyer or home seller who desires a personable Realtor wiling to serve his clients beyond their expectations. Your knowledge and decades of experience is very valuable to your customers.

Best regards,
Michael Freed

"With Dan as our agent, Kierstin and I soon realized that he wasn't just our broker, he was our advocate. When difficult decisions had to be made, Dan's role was truly to help look out for our best interests ahead of his own. This was a great comfort to us. We also felt we had a significant advantage in any negotiation because we had Dan on our side."

- Kierstin and Scott Bridger

May 19, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my great pleasure to be able to write a letter of recommendation for Dan Wallace. Dan was our realtor when we sold my mother's home in Seattle recently. Dan did an outstanding job of keeping us informed throughout the entire process. He was able to always make it clear that each decision was ours, but that his expertise was available to for to access as we chose. He provided us with wonderful recommendations along the way and used his skill to leverage the offers on the house to make my mom the best profit possible which will be a huge help as she begins this new part of her life.
Perhaps even more important to me is that I shared with him at the beginning of the process that my mother was moving because of the onset of dementia, but that it was very important to her that she felt a part of the process. He was extremely sensitive to this and patiently answered the same questions from her, until she felt comfortable with what was happening. I know that it took a lot of additional time for him to do this, but she was left feeling empowered throughout the process and that was priceless to me.
I cannot provide a higher recommendation. To be able to combine the skill and knowledge that Dan has in real estate with the kindness and sensitivity he showed my mother throughout the process is something both fine and rare.
Meagan Rhoades

To Whom It May Concern: June 24, 2010

I'm writing to give Dan Wallace of Windermere Real Estate my wholehearted recommendation.
In the past several months Dan was my agent for purchasing my new condo and selling my previous home. He was consistently professional, extremely knowledgeable and paid attention to all the details. He gave me excellent advice, was 100% trustworthy and went above and beyond my expectations in both of these transactions. You could'nt do better than Dan!


Jane Hedberg

May 1, 2008

Kurt Guntheroth
1426 East Roy Street
Seattle, Wa. 98112

Regarding: Letter of recommendation for Dan Wallace

I've worked with a number of real estate agents over the past 25 years or so. How-

ever, the only one who ever impressed me was Dan Wallace. Dan totally knows his stuff.

We had a rather plain house in North Seattle to sell. It had been a rental, and though it was painted and scrubbed, it wasn't in perfect shape. It was different enough from other houses in the area that it was a challenge to price. The first thing I liked about Dan was that when he presented his market analysis, he was able to make me understand the comps he had picked, so that by the time he was ready to reveal the price, I already knew the number he was going to propose.

Dan impressed me with his knowledge of the real estate business too. He was able to get selling prices for recently closed sales through an interesting back-door method. He was able to look at the house before it went on the market and tell us what things were likely to be show-stoppers (an issue with the bathroom), and what things were not (the aged kitchen cabinets). He was always able to explain his thinking in ways that made perfect sense. When the bathroom and yard needed work, Dan had contacts with several contractors, and the ones he recommended did the work efficiently and affordably.

The house sold its first weekend on the market, at the asking price, and closed in 3 weeks. Dan gave valuable, diplomatically presented counsel during the closing process, when we had to address concerns from the buyer. Given that the house needed some work, I couldn't imagine a smoother closing.

I have from time to time wondered whether real estate agents actually earned their commissions. But on this transaction I felt it was money well spent. I would not hesitate to recommend Dan to anyone. He'll be the first one I call on my next transaction.

Very Sincerely,

Kurt Gutheroth

April 12 2006

Dear Dan,

I just want to thank you for all your help above and beyond your duties as a Real Estate Broker.

First of all you, immediately understood how heartbroken I was to have to give up my dream home, which was in disrepair. You immediately saw the potential it had with the right buyer and your well documented presentation of comparable properties really relieved a lot of anxiety I had. You kept up my spirits. You gave me great advice. You seemed to know exactly what I wanted in a new home and took me to great places. You asked all the right questions for me and found exactly what I wanted at the price I wanted. Today you really impressed me again. I asked to accompany you when you let the appraiser into my new home so I could take measurements and pictures. I forgot my tape measurer but you brought yours. You not only measured but you drew diagrams.

I know you are a busy person but you actually made me feel like I was your only client. You kept in touch daily, letting me know exactly what was going on with both the buying and selling. You just really make me feel like a VIP. Most importantly you put up with Rocky, and he liked you immediately.

Thanks for all your great efforts on my behalf.

A Very Grateful Client
Nancy Breen

November 18th 2005

T0 Whom It May Concern

We are writing on behalf of Dan Wallace at Windermere Real Estate in Seattle, We chose Dan to help sell a home for us in North Seattle partly because of his long standing presence and connections in our neighborhood, but also because of strong referrals from friends who had also been well served by Dan.

We knew right away that Dan was the right selling agent for us. He is warm, honest and straightforward - all of the things we were looking for, and that we knew prospective purchasers and their agents would also value and appreciate. Dan was able to see and articulate the home's charm, but also to help prospective purchasers and their agents imagine how easily it could be made even better.

Dan worked very hard to compare our home to other comparable homes in the neighborhood to develop a reasonable asking price - and to explain what his recommendations were based on. As we got closer to listing the home, Dan continued to work closely with us, all the way down to recommending good contracting help, loaning us tools to get rid of old flooring materials, and even coming over during the day (when we were both at work) to oversee the installation of new carpeting. Significantly, Dan also gave us great advice about what not to spend money on as we got ready to sell.

Because of Dan's many years of experience and obvious knack for the business, he developed a selling strategy that yielded more then a dozen offers at or above our listing price. He made sure the offers all came in together, so that we would be able to compare and leverage them. Dan's skilled negotiating quickly led to the sale of our home to wonderful buyers at an amount significantly above our initial asking price. Closing went off without a hitch.

Everyone - buyers and sellers and agents - ended up feeling good about this sale. We are so grateful for the excellent work Dan did for us, and have no hesitation in giving him our most enthusiastic recommendation, regardless of whether you are a prospective seller or buyer. We also ended up making a new friend in Dan, we are betting you will too.


Kevin Raymond and Christi Kenyon


January 18th 2004

Dear Dan,

We miss seeing you every couple of weeks! But we are greatly enjoying moving into our new house. Everyday, we are making it more and more into our home-and everyday we appreciating it more and more.

This house is absolutely perfect for us. As we reflect over the five offers we made, we're thankful that the fifth one was the charm, because it's truly the best one for us. We are also thankful that you were there for us every step of the way. When we were tempted by houses with sloping floors or on busy streets, you helped us refocus on buying a house for the long run. We can't imagine working with anyone as knowledgeable, honest, friendly-or patient. For all of this, we are grateful.

We are sorry to have missed you when you stopped by last month. After growing up in a house with years of "Dan Wallace Calendars" I'm excited to have one of our won.

Thank You for everything.

Catherine and Wallace

December 8th 2003

Dear Dan

I am writing to thank you for all of the hard work on my behalf. I knew I made a good decision when I chose you are my listing agent for my home. I had complete confidence in your advice. It was thoughtful and precise, based on your years of experience and knowledge of the area. I can happily recommend you to anyone thinking of selling their home.

IT is very important to have an agent who knows the area, the business, as well as knowing fellow agents. Sometimes the most important element in a transaction is trust. the trusted relationship between agents and their clients and agents and their peers is vital. I can say enough good things about my experience and Windermere Real Estate in general. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any potential homes sellers or buyers. It would be my honor to tell then what a professional and knowledgeable agents you are.

I wish you and your family the best for the holiday season.


Kate Blyth

October 17th 2002

Dear Dan,

We want to let you know how much we appreciated your work in selling the townhouse. It was wonderful to work with you because of your professional manner and ethical approach. Out interests, as sellers, were well represented.

The townhouse sale turned out to be somewhat complicated but we always felt that you were looking out for our well-being. You did a nice job of negotiating with the buyer's realtor when arose and you ensured that the sale moved along in a timely manner. We were impressed that the townhouse was listed and sold in less then two month in a depressed market where similar properties were languishing.

We are happy to recommend you to anyone seeking the services of an excellent realtor.

Thanks again.

Virginia and Larry Erickson

August 21, 2001

Dear Dan,

We just wanted to reiterate how much we appreciated your work for us when we sold our house in Seattle . Your thorough knowledge of the real estate market, but especially of our specific neighborhood, gave us great results and so quickly! We would whole heartedly recommend you to anyone. Not only did you do the technical part of your job so well, but you had a knack for making us feel as calm and comfortable as possible under the inevitable stressful circumstances of selling our house.

Thank you again


Russ Johnson and Andie Sui

July 12,2001

I met Dan Wallace in March 200 I, when I returned to Seattle to sell my Bryant neighborhood home. After an unsatisfying experience with the first realtor that I contacted, several of my neighbors prevailed upon me to call Dan. He was a familiar presence in our neighborhood through his newsletter and successful sales of many homes. It was obvious to me at our first meeting that he was a knowledgeable, competent and considerate realtor. As he looked over my home and commented upon its various features, I could tell that he possessed a good grasp of the architectural and structural details associated with my house. He made many pertinent and informed comments during the initial walk-through and he took detailed notes. Both of these facts impressed me.

He recommended that I stop all of the repair work my previous realtor had suggested that I make to improve the sale price. Dan knew as I had suspected myself, that these expensive cosmetic changes would not significantly effect the sale price. Unlike my first realtor, he appreciated all the work that had gone into the garden, and in particular, noticed a lovely pear tree in full bloom. These were factors that I too thought would appeal to a certain kind of buyer looking for a charming, but less than perfect house.

When we met next to discuss what price range to place my house within, Dan stated that one of the most important things a realtor could do for a client was to arrive at an accurate price range for a house. As I looked over the area of comparison he had mapped out and the individual listings he compared my house to, I very much appreciated the methodical and objective process by which he came to price my home. As a first step, Dan recommended having a Windermere opening for agents as a means of gauging the interest amongst buyers' agents. Depending on this initial response we could consider adjusting the price or making additional improvements. As it turned out, I received two bids from this initial showing. I accepted the second bid and the sale closed in less than a month with my house selling in the middle price range of Dan's estimate.

I highly recommend Dan as a realtor and will be working with him again as I consider whether or not to purchase a condominium in Seattle . He brings experience, competence, and honesty to the anxiety producing process of selling or buying a home.

Deborah Katz

April 10th 2001

Dear Bob Rothstein,

I thank you for giving me Dan Wallace's name. He made it all smooth. The first person who came bought the house for my asking price I couldn't have had anyone better!

Dorothy Blair

October 23rd 2000

Thanks for the drawing of our former residence in the Bryant Ravenna area. It will help us remember all the good times connected with that house. And thanks for the hours and hours you put into getting us into our new home! You were consistently professional, reassuring and easy to work with in a situation where the tasks seemed never ending.

Eilina & Alan

September 12 2000

Dear Windermere Real Estate;

We would like to express to you what a good experience it has been working with Dan Wallace. My husband and. I bought our first house in 1996 with his assistance, and in the spring of this year we sold it and bought another house again with Dan. Working with Dan has been a wonderful experience even in the most difficult of times. I am sure you are aware of how hard it can be to have your house on the market and having the many people through your personal space, Dan was able to make this difficult time much easier.

His approach to selling a home and help with buying a new one is very individualized, he works with each person in a way that helps them understand the work to be done. He is much admired by us and our entire family. His professionalism and ethics come through in every aspect of his work and personality. As a company you are lucky to have such a dedicated employee. We will not hesitate to recommend Dan Wallace and Windermere Real Estate to any of our friends in need of assistance, and expect to call upon him again when the need arises.

Thank you!

Melissa and Steve Moreland

Dear Windermere Real Estate;

We would like to take this opportunity to express how impressed we were with the broker who listed and sold our home. Dan Wallace. Dan not only understands the housing market, but is also sensitive to the emotional aspects and stress tied to selling a home. His approach is one of providing information to his clients to aid then in their decision, rather than taking the "Let me tell you what you want to do" approach. Dan's professional manner and ethical approach are to be admired, and should be used as a role model for other real estate agents. Dan has earned our respect, and we consider him a friend. Dan (and Windermere) will be highly recommended by us in the future! Thank You!


Ken & Susan Vergowe

To Whom It May Concern:

We recently sold our first home and purchased our second home with the help of Dan Wallace. In both cases we felt exceptionally pleased with the service he provided. Having not worked with a realtor in the past, we were under the impression that a realtor's job was simply to list the property or show perspective properties and then handle the paperwork on the purchase or sale. We found that in fact a really good realtor does much more.

With Dan as our agent, Kierstin and I soon realized that he wasn't just our broker, he was our advocate. When difficult decisions had to be made, Dan's role was truly to help look out for our best interests ahead of his own. In fact, at times Dan played the "Devil's Advocate" to ensure that we were making the right decision, even at the risk of losing a deal. This was a great comfort to us and we greatly appreciated it. We felt we had a significant advantage in any negotiation because we had Dan on our side.

In the end, we learned that Dan's goal is not just to get to a closing, but to get to a closing where all parties are happy and comfortable with the transaction. The woman who bought our house is elated with her purchase and we couldn't be happier with our new house. Dan played a big part in making all of this happen.

His extensive knowledge of the Seattle real estate market was a big help in determining the true value of a prospective home and in pinpointing the right asking price for our former home. Additionally, Dan was exceedingly accommodating of our busy schedules. He made time for us on evenings and weekends whenever it was necessary .

When we started thinking about selling our house and buying a new one we wondered if we even needed a real estate agent. Now that the last paper is signed, we shutter to think where we might have been without our man Dan!


Scott & Kierstin Bridger

January 5th 1999

To Whom It May Concern:

At various times in my life I have been unusually lucky. No more so than in the summer of 1978 when I was moving to Seattle from Wyoming and Dan Wallace was recommended to me as an expert realtor to help me find a home. Patiently, he showed me houses in my price range in several areas of the city--each with its good points. Finally, I chose one which fit my belongings, had a great view, and was in a marvelous location. Because, the yard left much to be desired, I made an offer lower than the asking price. Dan faced the irate seller and persuaded him to accept my offer.

Over the next twenty years it was my pleasure to enjoy his friend- ship. So when I decided that the time had come to move nearer to my son, who lived in British Columbia , I had no concern about finding the right realtor to list my place.

To be sure that my house was priced right, in preparation for the 1998 listing, Dan did a thorough market analysis, a practice followed by only the most efficient realtors. This paid off. He sold my house at the Open House.

Dan was also helpful to me in many other ways: finding for me a Canadian realtor, with whom he remained in contact and suggesting ways for making my house more marketable. He even made one repair himself.

Whether you are shopping for a new home or preparing to sell your existing one, I wish you the good luck of choosing Dan Wallace as your realtor.


Agnes Bassett

April 29th 1998

Dear Dan:

I am writing to thank you for your invaluable assistance with the sale of my house and the purchase of a new one. It is a project that I would not have been able to complete by myself ( even though it is something I considered doing alone prior to the time I began to work with you). You have many traits which make you an excellent Realtor. I was very much impressed with your almost intuitive judgment about when to do what. For example, we waited a week to make an offer on the house I ultimately bought, at your suggestion, even though we could have lost it. I have no idea how you knew that that might be the right thing to do, but it was the right thing to do, and I am sure the wait allowed us to successfully offer $7,000.00 less than the asking price and have it accepted. The seller also accepted a number of contingencies. It is my impression that you probably talked a bit to get that all done, but it certainly made me feel very comfortable as we began the whole process of my move.

The sale of my house was a complicated transaction. You have said that I have the record for the year for work orders on a house. I was completely overwhelmed by what the buyers wanted done and I want you to know how appreciative I was that you were willing to be at the house while various people came in to give bids on that work. When all was said and done, I feel as though I came through that process without spending as much money as it appeared I would spend. It was during this time that your negotiating skills with the buyers' Realtor and your ability to keep me calm when I was in a panic really keep the deal on track. Thank you for that.

You also have a good sense of what "will fly" in negotiations which I observed several times. I think it is basically an awareness of what you know you can comfortably present and ague for. It is also the result of the fact that you must be good at negotiating. .At all times I felt as though my interests were being well represented.

You have a lot of skills that make you a good Realtor. And you also are a very personable individual -a "people person"- someone who is simply fun and enjoyable to be around.

Thank you again for all of your hard work. I have already, and certainly will recommend you to other people in the future.


Ann Siqueland

October 29th 1997

To whom it may concern,

This letter is to thank and acknowledge Dan Wallace's service as my real estate broker. I have bought and sold nearly a dozen houses in the past 15 years and I have never been more pleased with my experience with a selling agent than my experience with Dan. He is careful, hardworking, reliable, and pleasant to work with. However, the trait that is most exceptional. and that I value highly, is that San truly put my interest first and foremost. He did not compromise on time. effort, or buyer to close the deal easily or early, and I trust both his advice and integrity.

I recommend Dan Wallace highly to anyone seeking an excellent realtor to sell or buy property.


Susan Chu

March 17th 1992

Dear Dan,

I want to extend my appreciation on all your efforts concerning the sales of my mother's property. I believe that between you and Barry, you maximized your efforts to give us the best possible sale. Your interaction with the construction companies to assist in the necessary improvements was extremely helpful.

I may returning to the Seattle area in a permanent basis in August of this year. At that time, I will contact you reference the sale of one of my properties and the potential purchase of another. Your professional manner and you hard work serve both you and your company well.

I look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Gary A. Reed

October 3, 2014

To Whom it May Concern:

Dan Wallace was our broker for selling our house in July 2014. We highly recommend him for his attention to detail, sensitivity to our needs and his honesty. He offered great advice on how to prepare the house and landscape to show to its best advantage. We appreciate all the time and effort he spent in order to educate us on the market and where our house fit in.

Overall, Dan was there when we needed him and answered all our questions. He represented our interests in a fair and even manner which we appreciated. His timeline was right on the money and made sure everything was successful - professional photographer, great write up and marketing materials. He produced great results - multiple offers that resulted in a sale greatly exceeding our expectations.

Again, we would highly recommend him to family and friends.

Donald and Barbara Neff

December 31, 2011

To Whom It May Concern,
My delay in writing this letter should in no way be construed as any hesitation to write, but rather to the busyness of settling into my new home, purchased with the thoughtful, diligent, professional assistance of Mr. Dan Wallace.
Having bought a home with Dan's aid in 1997, it was easy to call him again 2010, a particularly challenging time when I was separating from my husband and needed to put our home on the market. Mr. Wallace was sensitive to the delicacy of the situation, the challenges of working with two people who lived two places, and the difficulties between my (now) ex-husband and me. The home sold in January 2011. When my divorce was finalized in the spring of 2011, I sought Dan's assistance in purchasing a home for myself. I was unsure as to whether or not I wanted a townhouse or a house and Dan patiently looked at many numbers of both as I worked through developing a better idea as to what would work for myself at this changing time in my life.
I want to note that I felt so carefully and thoughtfully shepherded through this process of thinking about and sorting through my home options. While careful to make sure that this was ultimately my decision, Dan engaged his many years of experience in the field to point out possible concerns about homes based on feedback I gave him (and I talk a lot!). When I saw the home I ultimately bought- and love- Dan didn't hesitate to show me the home, come back again the same afternoon for me to show the home again to myself and my son, a student at the University of Washington, and then to quickly make an offer on this house. In writing up the offer, it was clear that Dan wanted me to get best purchase situation: he re-wrote a portion to make the offer more advantageous to me while not compromising the ultimate sale. There was another offer on the home and mine was chosen by the sellers. The rest of the process went quickly and smoothly and I moved in, armed with the knowledge of the needs of the house and its fit for me and my son.
I have been so very happy with my home. My satisfaction with the whole process, culminating in what was the "rightness" of the decision, was made possible with the thoughtful, attentive, diligent, hard-working, frequently-driving, knowledgeable work of Mr. Dan Wallace. I would not hesitate to refer friends and colleagues to him for their own home purchase.
Thank you,
Susan P. Picard

September 22, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:
My sisters, Sylvia Callies and Janet Tehan, and I listed our deceased mother's house at 5729 27th Avenue NE, Seattle, Washington, with Dan Wallace of Windermere Realty.
From the very beginning of the process, we found Dan to be extremely professional in his dealings with us. More than that, however, it became readily apparent to Sylvia and me (since we were the two dealing with Dan) that his efforts in attempting to sell our mother's home were going to go well beyond just a real estate agent selling a house. He took a very personal interest in this transaction, and spent countless hours at the home, making sure it would meet a buyer's requirements for sale.
I have not been involved in the selling of real estate for many years, but I cannot imagine how a real estate agent could do more to make sure the house was sold in a manner that was extremely satisfactory to my sister and me.
We all would not hesitate to use Dan again, if the opportunity ever arose, and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking to sell or buy a house.
Richard W. Swanson

March 25, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I write this letter to and about Mr. Dan Wallace, a realtor and managing broker at Windermere Realty in Seattle.
Dan helped us purchase our first home in 1986 when we had finally become sufficiently solvent to own one. He very skillfully guided us through what was and almost always is a confusing and complicated process. His guidance was clear without being overbearing. He spoke to us honestly and clearly, and my and I both believe, with our best interests at heart. Dan listened carefully to what we wanted and helped us clarify our thoughts in terms of the market at the time. Until we left, we had been extremely happy with this our first home purchase.
We turned to Dan several times in the course of the past 25 years and he has always given us his best. When he could not help us himself, he made recommendations and always offered to help us find someone who could help us. When, in 2010, it came time for us to sell that 1986 purchase, we asked Dan to help us again. Our relatively short selling process began with an inspection by him of the house as it was. He walked through the house inspecting just about everything and concluded we had work to do. He and we assembled a list of repairs and upgrades to undertake to make the house ready for market with the hope of getting it sold in short order. These repairs and modifications were, ironically, what we should have done to make the house more livable for ourselves. But as often happens, under his direction, we made our house beautifully livable for its next inhabitants. Again, Dan was honest, directive and clear. We made the changes.
He soon came back with a quite exhaustive collection of houses in our area with traits and sizes similar to our house in order to set a price. We agreed with his very sound logic and placed the house on the market. He hired a professional photographer, at his own expense, who profiled our house in its very best light. While it shoed, Dan was always available and supportive or provided sound backup if he had to be out of town. He coordinated with realtors from around the area and we had quite a few buyers come through during a very down period in the market. Dan made it clear what was expected of us and what we could expect. Within ten days, we had two offers. They were virtually identical from the seller's prospective being about 98% of the asking price. We learned about the prospective buyers though a bit of intelligence gathering that Dan had done and we chose what we thought was the most sound buyer and countered. With relatively little hassle, the agreement was sealed pending a few items such as decommissioning of an oil tank and finishing up some electrical work. Dan again helped us through the coordination of these activities. The house sold and we moved to Wisconsin. In the end it sold quickly and in a down market, remarkably for virtually our asking price. We were pleased with the price and the promptness.
In summary, Dan has been a completely reliable, honest and insightful advisor to us on our real estate transactions for the past 25 years. If ever I return to the Puget Sound area to live, he will be my realtor. My wife and I both trust him and deeply appreciate his kind and professional manner and the excellent service he has rendered us over the past 25 years. I recommend him to you without hesitation or reservation. You could not do better.

Very Sincerely,
Matthew Keifer MD MPH
Senior Scientist